From 1997 to 1998, the Eric Roediger architects assisted in
drawing the first plans for the erection of the Dormitories A and
B, which were funded by the Department of Public Works and Transport.

In 1998, the buildings (dormitories) were completed and the
children were brought to the centre from the hostel. The first
managers were Mrs Mntambo and later Mrs Raditsela. Mrs
Raditsela and the Board of Trustees oversaw the building of the
Administration Block in 2001 through Iscor Mittal. The building
was completed on 25th May 2001. In 2003, South African
Breweries (SAB) built a Stimulation Room. In 2004, a third
dormitory block (Block C) was built through the proceeds of the
Lottery. Later (2005-6), through funds from the Lottery, we built a
Dining Hall, Cold Room, Food Storage, large kitchen and fencing.


Administration Block
Dormitory A
Dormitory B
Dormitory C and Classrooms
Stimulation Room
Dining Hall
Caretaker’s station and laundry
Play area